Transactional Email

The transactional email can send to your database of contacts messages related to commercial receipts, account updates, changes in the terms of use, etc. Transactional emails are relationship-based interactions, unlike marketing emails, which are generally used to promote content. Although mostly the online stores and online service providers use transactional emails, these days, traditional stores also send transactional emails to enhance their brand image and offer a better experience to the customers.

Transactional Emails: What are they for?

Transactional emails require the use of a specialized unique IP address. Emails with receipts or electronic invoices are a clear example of transactional emails. Other transactional emails are: sending notifications, support requests, legal notices and policy updates, and password reset requests etc. It is also an email that many customers will not ignore and, therefore, the promotional content of your brand can create repeat customers.

use of this tone of conversation is highly recommended, since the client will feel committed when reading the The receipt. For example, most of the Email Newsletter templates are for generic and informal use such as "Hello", "Hello [Name]" is the most popular. On the other hand, confirmations of the email template of receipt require that you address the client formally by using "Dear Sir / Madam", "Dear Sir / Madam / Miss / s".

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