Java Development Kit (JDK)

Java development kit is a bunch of software elements that makes Java applications. Java development kit needs following components to develop Java applications.

   Java compiler
   Java Interpreter
   Java Disassembler
   Java Header File Generator
   Java Documentation
   Java Debugger
   Java Applet Viewer


Interesting Java programming with a wide variety for any system. Android SDK is a software to develop Android applications. For execution of any program we need a particular software.


Java is a fast , secure, reluctant computing program that almost runs across almost 3 billion devices . Java believes in the philosophy of WORA , write once, run anywhere. Java is one of the leading programming language used in devices.when we download Java software, we get Java Runtime Environment {JRE}. JRE consist of {JVM} Java Virtual Machine, Java platform core classes and Java platform libraries. The JRE allow applets in Java programming to move in many browsers.
Java can be used for desktop applications, web applications and mobile applications for Android systems. It is used by programmers and coders. There are many tools for Java to develop coding and building apps fast and easy.